T slot benefits

Sillon Antoine
The seed is placed laterally in one branch of the T. It is well located under the residues and with very good soil contact.
Fertilizer may be added in the other branch of the T
The low disturbance of the soil by the opener hinders weed germination even at high forward speed.




inv T slotConservation de l’humidité

The slot traps humidity, vapour loss are minimized, and the seed are placed in a favorable micro-environment.
With the NOVAG system, the seeds are already covered by a layer of soil even before the press wheels close the slots. Slot cover is perfect.

V slot straw

Effects of residue cover

Tined seeders without discs cannot be used Under straw cover because residues collect and wrap around the opener. Residues are removed and blockages occur.
Most traditionnal disc drills leave over some straw that is pushed inside the slot. They form a V shaped slot, in case of double disc, or U shaped slot in case of angled discs. This hairpinning problem will have adverse effects on seed germination.



T slot straw


Lateral positionning of the seed

The seed is placed on one side of the T slot by a blade. This totally solves the problem of residue hairpinning in the slot, the seed is not put over the straw anymore. This unique positioning optimizes seed/soil contact. Even in clay soils, when the slot tends to reopen itself, the seeds stay protected.




Optimal Fertilization at no risk

Using another, symmetrical blade, fertilizer is positioned horizontally at 2cm from the seed. This optimal distance guaranties excellent crop germination. Our notched disc effectively separates seed from fertilizer. There is no risk of chemical burn, even at high fertilizer rate.

Low disturbance

The combination of the disc and the specific shape of the T blades allows the opener to drill with very low disturbance

NOVAG drills define a new standard for low disturbance, even at high speed. Approx. 80% of the surface residues stay in place after drilling into chopped straw.